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If you have sat at a pregame meal, a pregame speech, a practice days prior to a game or have looked a schedule before hand and think to yourself we are going to lose that game or this game the mentality you have is a WEAK mentality. Every team dedicates their time for improvement. However, the team that wins is the team that always believes in themselves. When you believe in yourself you and believe in your teammates anything is possible. The possibility to win any game is there. The mentality must come from you. 


When the improbable becomes probable

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Science in sports shows our athletic capabilities and how we can achieve goals into helping us do incredible things. Check out some of these athletes and the incredible things they can do on the field. All this takes years and time of having a great work ethic and determination to be the best. 


Julio Jones

LeSean McCoy

Michael Vick

Cam Newton

The Gronk

Aaron Rodgers

Antonio Brown

Jerry Rice

Vernon Davis

Von Miller

Demarcus Ware


Ezekial Elliot

Kevin White vs Amari Cooper

Odell Beckham


Leonard Fournette


Ezekial Elliot


Barry Sanders JR.


Dez Bryant


Julio Jones


Ben Roethlisberger







                                                Never give up


“I’m an offensive lineman. You can put my grandmother back there and I don’t care, I want to be able to run the ball. That’s an offensive linemen’s attitude. I am not denying that some [running] backs are better than others, but we’ve got to take that challenge upon ourselves. If one of our backs goes out, we have to put it on our back and we’ve done a poor job of that.”


Sophomore offensive lineman Mason Walters on the mentality that the Texas offensive line needs going into the Holiday Bowl. Known for his fiery disposition and recently compared by Mack Brown to former Longhorn and all-around nasty dude Kasey Studdard, Walters is quickly becoming a leader along the line. Not to mention the most quotable.



“Linemen are literally the unsung heroes of the game. Their situation is analogous to the infantry in warfare. They do the hard, bitter fighting for victory. As the generals reap the headlines in war, the backs reap the headlines in football. Yet in their hearts, the generals and backs know that victory and the accolades came to them through the work of the footsoldiers and linemen.”


— Gomer Jones (Bud Wilkinson’s line coach at Oklahoma)


“We are offensive linemen, part of the o-line. Five guys working as a unit within the football team to establish the tempo and demeanor of the game. Our job description doesn’t sound fun, interesting or flashy, nor should it. Those who know football know the game is won or lost in the trenches, along the line. We start the play and if we are good we finish it. We are the O-Line, we set the examples, we “LEAD FROM THE FRONT.”

— Grey Ruegamer(Offensive lineman for the New York Giants)


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This is a an article on NFL Network about a Widereciever named Stedman Bailey. Bailey was shot two years ago in the head twice. He stated once he regained consciousness that he would play in the NFL again. This article shows the dedication to make your self better through life changing events. 

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Check out this link for a Great Reading on Keys to help you Succeed at Cornerback.

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Watch Joe Haden Go Pro

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As a running back some of the most important traits are awareness, speed, running ability and blocking ability to name a few and you also need to be intelligent in order to know the plays and understand your role on each and every play.

All of these aspects can be developed and there are a number of different things you can do to improve as a running back. Here some tips to help you do just that:

Notice Your Weaknesses

If you are able to watch back a tape of your performances then do so and make a note of where you are making mistakes. Maybe you are having trouble following your blockers or making the correct cuts when required. When you know and understand the areas you need to improve you are on the way to becoming a better running back. Ignoring criticism and problems is no way to develop as a player.

Define Your Style

Depending on your build and physical attributes you will be suited to a particular style of running. For example if you are a big and powerful build you will be much more suited to carrying the ball between the tackles whereas if you are a smaller, quicker player you will be better running to the outside and beating players with speed and agility rather than power. Make sure you know what your strengths are and play to them.

Work Hard in Drills

There are so many different drills designed to improve all the areas required to be a good running back. Rather than practicing full contact running, working through running back drills can be much more effective in helping you improve skills such as your ball control, agility, making cuts and awareness.

Work on Your Strength

When developing your strength training, don’t simply focus on one area of your body. If you build up upper body strength without working on your leg strength, then you aren’t going to develop as a running back. You need to work on getting stronger in the legs and the upper body and you will cause more problems to defenders.

Know Your Plays

Understanding the plays and knowing where you need to be following your blockers is a simple step to improving as a runner. Being organized and aware of what is going on will make it much easier for you to gain yards consistently.

Practice Catching

The running back position is not all about carrying the ball from the line of scrimmage. Being able to run routes and catch the ball downfield will make you a much more versatile and dynamic running back.

Practice Blocking

Occasionally you will not be involved as a playmaker during the game and you will be needed to protect the quarterback. Simply developing your blocking skills will make you a much more valuable running back and benefit you with more time on the field.

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