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THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF RECRUITING VIDEOS (Published in USA Today HSS on December 11, 2015) – Playced Playced

THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF RECRUITING VIDEOS (Published in USA Today HSS on December 11, 2015)

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Think about how much that really means in our day-to-day life! Almost every day, we meet someone new and instantly create an initial impression on that person, be it good or bad. It is an undeniable fact that first impressions have a way of shaping our opinions on people for a lifetime, or at least a long time!

When it comes to college recruiting, the first impression you make on a college coach can be the difference between getting a scholarship and being the sixth man on an intramural basketball team. It can mean playing at the next level, or not. Understand this; because of the competitive nature of college athletics, first impressions mean everything to college coaches. Knowing that is the cornerstone of recruiting videos, because your highlight film is often a college coach’s first time seeing you play!


Here is a quick guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of getting college coaches to notice your recruiting videos.


A recruiting video is going to give you a competitive advantage against a college recruit that does not have one. There is no quicker way to have a college coach see you play than by getting a video in front of them. I highly suggest that you invest the time and energy into creating a video of your skills that you can be proud of. Consider your recruiting video as a “virtual handshake” or introduction to any college program in the country.


The idea of a 20-minute video with the “Rocky” theme song blasting in the background is pretty laughable and entertaining to most college coaches. I am not saying that if your family has the money to pay for a professional recruiting video that you shouldn’t. I am saying that a professional video is NOT necessary to make your introduction to a coach, and you don’t need to feel pressured into making one. Keep in mind, a recruiting video is the first part of the recruiting process. It does not guarantee a scholarship and it won’t make you something you are not. It is merely a way for a coach to put eyeballs on you. With modern technology, most smart phone videos will work just fine!


Make sure your recruiting video is easy for a college coach to watch. Whether you are using your Hudl game film or a YouTube video, when a coach clicks on a link to watch what you are all about, he/she needs to see your athleticism. The coach should know exactly who they are watching and shouldn’t have to squint his/her eyes to see you move. If your film is hard to see or watch, you might as well send them a blank video because your results are going to be the same.


This may seem pretty obvious, but I will just say it anyway. If your highlight video doesn’t make you look like a total stud, don’t send it yet! Here’s the deal; sending a video to just send it is not what you should be doing. Do not send a recruiting video prematurely, because of that whole “first impression” thing. If you have not fully developed your skills or don’t have a video firmly impressing your strengths, be patient and wait. It is better to make a good first impression late, than a bad first impression early.

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The absolute best way to get a college coach to notice your recruiting video is with a personal email. Here is what you need to do: 1. Identify colleges that you could actually for 2. Send an introductory email stating genuine interest in their program 3. Link your video within your email. Most recruits think that they must sit back and wait for college coaches to magically notice them. That couldn’t be further from the truth! It is your responsibility to get YOUR recruiting video in the hands of the programs you want to be a part of. Use that personal email + your quality video to make the best first impression on college coaches.


The absolute best way to NOT get noticed by a college coach is to send a video to every college coach in the country. Here’s what I mean by that; sending a link to your recruiting video like it is just a mass marketing tool serves that very purpose with college coaches. If a coach thinks you have no real interest in their program and are just sending it to every coach to see who takes the bait, they will treat you like spam mail. Coaches want kids that want to play for their program. If you don’t have a specific list of schools to send your video link to, make one.